Privacy Policy

Last updated 24th Jan, 2022

1: Personal Information

EasyVM takes privacy seriously. EasyVM will never release personal information to third parties. EasyVM will only release personal information if requested by law enforcement for an investigation. Clients are requested their Name, Postal Address, and Phone Number, EasyVM ask clients to provide their Legal Full Name, Residential Address or PO Box, and a valid reachable telephone number. This is required by Stripe, a Credit Card Payment Gateway, to make sure it is a valid and non-fraudulent charge. IP Addresses are taken during payments, but are not logged, nor shared with third parties.

2: Data Privacy

EasyVM Staff, Authorized Employees or any other party will never access the client’s services without appropriate authorization via a Support Ticket. If given access, EasyVM will not save or share anything seen on client services. EasyVM will not track or save any sort of client information without client consent.

3: Cookies

Cookies are files with a small amount of data, which may include an anonymous unique identifier. EasyVM does not take or request any sort of cookies, which means there will be no possibility to be shared with third parties.

4: Client Privacy

EasyVM will not share what services you hold with us to third parties, but will share to law enforcement for an investigation.

EasyVM keeps all client information encrypted and is only accessible by authorized EasyVM Employees. EasyVM takes proper security measures with client information.