About EasyVM

Read about who we are, and the story about how it came to be.

EasyVM was founded in Early 2019, by a typical teenager that was glued to tech, to provide an exceptional service that others can fully depend on and trust. The idea sparked when the founder hit a roadblock in his online life; he wanted to host his personal portfolio, but couldn’t find anything reasonable that didn’t have hidden fees, non-sensible rules, questionable uptime, or terrible support.

This sprung a new creation, a new passion. One that many doubted and thought was nonsensical, but he was determined to make it work. The founder started locally, providing just to friends, family, and small businesses in the DFW Metroplex. Now services extend to hundreds of countries around the world. He started with a goal, something difficult but yet feasible; to hit 100 customers in the first month. Not only did this goal get crushed, but it was achieved in the first week of business providing publicly. This was an extraordinary milestone that many business owners can understand, the product of something worked so hard for.

Because this company is the result of our hard work and passion, we have a strong inclination to provide the customer with the highest quality care and service. We strive to provide a reliable and trustworthy service, which is why we offer a 99.9% SLA Uptime. We don’t like downtime, and we know you don’t either, which is why we work out of the highest quality datacenters with the top of the line hardware globally. We also offer transparent open-minded hosting to anyone, anywhere, at any time. We focus on offering a flat-rate low price to customers without any hidden fees included. Match our amazing pricing to our amazing support, and you get the ideal service that everyone loves.

Owning our hardware also makes a difference, no middle-man and nobody telling us what to do. We privately own all of our US operations and work out of datacenters that have no peering eyes from the outside world. This ensures the quality of our service and provides a high level of privacy for our customers. It also allows us to provide speedy and efficient service to our customers all around the world. We hope to provide you, and other consumers, a flag-ship quality experience that no other service provides.